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November 10, 2020 Newsletter

Analog Art – Special Offer and Updates


It now has been almost 8-months that we have faced the Covid-19 restrictions impacting our lives. I hope everyone is staying healthy and safe.

Personally, while I have not been able to create new artwork, I have been investing my energy in developing tools to communicate with the art world. It’s been fun! Staying connected with my friends and reaching out to new collectors is part of my effort to remain active and healthy. For those potential new collectors, I have created a short video introducing myself and my artistic vision. I would like to share the video with you.

YouTube video – click here

In this edition of my e-newsletter:

  • Art and Wine Chats
  • Special offer of $395.00 (shipping included) to purchase selected unframed handcrafted silver gelatin prints. Order forms are below
  • Description of Analog Art vs Digital Art
  • Highlight video of 2020 international competition results

During the last eight-months, I have also:

  • Launched the Spirit of Analog Art blog — have you had an opportunity to read the posts?
  • Been active on social media with over sixty posts. I am also now on FaceBook. To keep up to date on latest events and opportunities, please follow me on one of the sites.

Coming Soon

Exhibition Web Page: As art and design fairs are being canceled or postponed or moving to a digital platform, I will be updating my Exhibition Web Page to show the galleries that represent me and those galleries that I have a working relationship with.

As always, I look forward to hearing your feedback questions.

Please stay healthy and safe,

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By Dale Reid

Contemporary fine art photographer Dale M Reid took charge of her destiny by making a commitment to herself and her life partner and soulmate.
Reid’s belief in herself has allowed her to chart a new course in life as a full-time professional artist and transgender woman. As Dale transitioned through her new life journey, she developed technical skills, questioned convention, trusted her instincts, and with her passion, was able to craft a distinctive artistic voice. Her artwork ranges from classical to sensual to erotic and engages the viewer to question what they see.

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