An Affair With Pears

Episode 4 – Marching to a Different Drummer

Marching Pears at Night

I hope you are enjoying reading “An Affair with Pears. I have enjoyed sharing elements of my artistic vision. Whether it is pear or floral or mushroom or landscape studies, I still critically look at the subject to create the most unique presentation to engage you and in some cases for you to question what you are looking at.

I look beyond the traditional still life presentation of pears. To create the feeling of motion and give my subjects a personality, staging with props and lighting is critical.

A lot of it is purely instinctual.

Night Patrol 2

As I prepared this post, I remember back to my high school days, I was a member of the school band. While the band was primarily a concert band, we did some marching engagements. Yes, I played the drums.

By Dale Reid

Contemporary fine art photographer Dale M Reid took charge of her destiny by making a commitment to herself and her life partner and soulmate.
Reid’s belief in herself has allowed her to chart a new course in life as a full-time professional artist and transgender woman. As Dale transitioned through her new life journey, she developed technical skills, questioned convention, trusted her instincts, and with her passion, was able to craft a distinctive artistic voice. Her artwork ranges from classical to sensual to erotic and engages the viewer to question what they see.

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